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SECOND GRADE NEWSLETTER                                                     WEEK #6                   October 2, 2015


Dear Parents and Guardians,

            The cooler weather this week was a wonderful gift to the students. 

            In our literature studies, the students continued to read selected stories in their reading clubs as well as individual Accelerated Reading books.  I also read aloud from a wonderful book about the story of Creation titled, And God Created Squash by Martha Whitmore Hickman.  My reading group also read two stories about bats titled, Bats: Creatures of the Night by Joyce Milton and Bat Loves the Night by Nicola Davies.  One was an informational text and the other was a story about a bat.  We compared the differences and similarities.  Students are really enjoying our current read aloud chapter book titled, Sideways Stories from Wayside School.  It’s a story about the world’s wackiest classroom!  Students also practiced their reading fluency with partners, using our one breath word lists and a short poem which emphasized fluency and understanding.

            In Religion, students completed Chapter 2 by taking their chapter test on Tuesday.  These are included in this week’s red Friday folder to be signed and returned by Tuesday.  We started Chapter 3 on Thursday discussing the parts of the Bible. Students attended an All School Mass on Wednesday of this week.  Next Wednesday’s All School Mass will take place at 8:30AM in the church.  Please join us if you are able to attend!  As usual, students will need to wear their dress uniforms that day.

            In Health, the class finished up their reading and discussions on physical fitness including an understanding of warming up and cooling down after a physical exercise or activity.  Our last few lessons in Chapter 5 focused on the topic of what it means to be a good sport.  Our final quiz for this chapter was taken on Wednesday.  These are included in this week’s red Friday folder to be signed and returned by Tuesday. Our new unit in Health will focus on the topic of nutrition.

            In Math, the class continued with their learning of three digit addition.  Problems included those with and without regrouping.  Students also learned strategies toward solving word or story problems.  Students took their (+5) addition timed test this week.  These were passed back on Wednesday and today.  All students will move on to the (+6) test next week.

            In Science, students continued their reading of Unit One which covers the topics of air and weather.  They took their first quiz over tools that measure weather today.  These will be passed back on Friday of next week.  Please look for them in next week’s red Friday folder. 

            In Social Studies, students continued reading from Chapter 1 learning about the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

            That’s it for this week!  Enjoy the cool weekend weather ahead!                 



                                                                                      Miss Costello


Monday, October 5th-Hot Lunch Day

Tuesday, October 6th-Hot Lunch Day

Tuesday, October 6th-Physical Education Day

Tuesday, October 6th-Addition Timed Test for +6

Wednesday, October 7th-Hot Lunch Day

Wednesday, October 7th-Spelling Pretest for Lesson 6

Wednesday, October 7th-School Picture Day/Students must wear their school uniform.

Wednesday, October 7th All School Liturgy/Church/8:30AM

                                       Students should wear their dress uniforms!

Thursday, October 8th-Hot Lunch Day

Thursday, October 8th-Addition Timed Test +6 Retest


(Please turn over!)

Friday, October 9th-Hot Lunch Day

Friday, October 9th-Final Spelling Test for Lesson 6 

Friday, October 9th-Physical Education Day

Friday, October 9th-Scholastic Book orders for October are due today!

Wednesday, October 14th-First Communion and First Penance Parent Meeting

This meeting will take place in the parish hall at 7:00PM.  This meeting is mandatory if your child is receiving these sacraments this year.



Sunday, March 6th-First Penance and Reconciliation for Grade 2 at 4:00PM/Holy Spirit Church

Thursday, April 7th-Practice for First Holy Communion/7:00PM/Holy Spirit Church

Saturday, April 9th-First Holy Communion at 5:30PM/ Holy Spirit Church




(I will send out instructions the week before your turn

 to pick-up the cans!)


Friday, September 25th- Miss Costello

Friday, October 2nd- Martinez Family

Friday, October 9th-Gonzalez-Guizado Family

Friday, October 16th-Gonzalez Family

Thursday, October 22nd -Thompson Family

Thursday, October 29th-Gaulden Family



            The second grade Scholastic Book Clubs activation code for online parent orders is:  G2 CYH.  October book orders are due in by:  Friday, October 9th. 


            Two great websites to help students practice their math facts include:


That’s a Fact





Spelling List

Grade 2

Lesson 6

A Review Lesson of

Patterns Learned in Lessons 1-5


Basic Words

            fond                             yell

           belt                               spun


           silk                                 gill


           moss                             mad


           nap                              mug


Enrichment Words

land        left     clock


Champion Enrichment Words

study       lunch      stuff    wild


Challenge Words

cavity      air



Monday, October 5, 2015

1. Math-Chapter 2 Worksheet

2. Math-Study for +6 Timed Test on Tuesday

3. Spelling-Study for Lesson 6 Pretest on Wednesday

4. AR Reading-Please sign off on the reading chart each night.


*Physical Education Days are Tuesday and Friday for Grade 2.  




Tuesday, October 6, 2015

1. Math-Chapter 2 Worksheet

2. Spelling-Study for Lesson 6 Pretest on Wednesday

3. AR Reading-Please sign off on the reading chart each night.


*Wednesday is an All School Liturgy!  Students should wear their dress uniforms to church!





Wednesday, October 7, 2015

1. Math-Chapter 2 Worksheet

2. Math-Study for +6 Timed Test Retake, if the student needs to retake it.

3. AR Reading-Please sign off on the reading chart each night.





Thursday, October 8, 2015

1. Math-Chapter 2 Worksheet

2. Spelling-Study for Lesson 6 Final Test on Friday, if the student

needs to retake it.

3. AR Reading-Please sign off on the reading chart each night.


*Physical Education Days are Tuesday and Friday for Grade 2.