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SECOND GRADE NEWSLETTER                                  WEEK #12                                  NOVEMBER 11, 2015


Dear Parents,

            It was a short, fast–paced week!   On Tuesday, students enjoyed a wonderful visit from the Columbus Zoo.

Next week, students will continue to learn about the difference between writing a narrative or story and writing and supporting an opinion. We’ll be doing a series of short writing assignments that involve these two types of writing.  Although the words “opinion” and “narrative” seem challenging for second graders to understand, they are required to learn the names for these styles as they will use them up through high school.  The new common core asks students to learn core vocabulary such as this to help them with their understanding from year to year.  Our hope is for students to know how to write an opinion piece or a narrative when asked by any teacher.

            In our literature studies, students in my reading club finished up a second story by Patricia Reilly Giff titled, The Beast in Ms. Rooney’s Room and started a new by Suzy Kline titled, Horrible Harry and the An Invasion.  The class continued with their study of fairy tales listening to a fairy tale news story about Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We also started a new read-aloud book titled, A Cricket in Time Square by George Seldon.

            In Religion, the students completed their study of Jesus and the Holy Family in Chapter 5.  A study guide is included in this week’s red Friday folder.  Our Chapter 5 test will take place on Tuesday of next week.  We also attended an All School Liturgy on Wednesday.  Our next All School Liturgy will take place next Wednesday at 8:30AM in the church.   Please join us if you are able to attend! 

            In Science, students completed their weather and temperature data charts and will graph their data next week.  This activity will complete our Air and Weather Unit.  Next week, we will begin a new unit on animals and their habitats.

            This week in Health, the class continued with their study of how we grow and how our body systems work. 

            In Math, students will complete Chapter 3 late next week.  A Chapter 3 test will take place on Thursday.  Most students completed their final addition test this week.   Next week, I will send home information on how they performed compared to their pretest that was taken at the start of the year. Also next week, students will take the subtraction facts pretest on Tuesday.  The process for taking the weekly subtraction timed tests will be slightly different from the addition timed tests.  Students will only move on to the next test when they have earned a score of 90 or higher on the test.  After the first week, students will move on each at their own pace.  This includes those students who may accelerate their pace by taking and passing two tests per week (one on Tuesday and one on Thursday).   I will discuss these tests again in next week’s newsletter. 

            In Social Studies, students continued their discussion on economics learning about goods and services.  We’ve been watching short video clips on how certain items are manufactured.  So far, we’ve learned about how fortune cookies, crayons, and inflated balls are made.

            Remember to send in your canned goods for the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry drive by Tuesday, November 24th. 

            That's it for this week.  Thanks, as always, for your support!  Enjoy the weekend ahead!



                                                                                                            Miss Costello


Thursday, November 12th and Friday, November 13th-NO SCHOOL/OCEA Convention for Teachers

Monday, November 16th-November 24th-Food Drive for Holy Spirit’s St. Vincent De Paul Food Pantry

Monday, November 16th-Hot Lunch Day

Tuesday, November 17th-Hot Lunch Day

Tuesday, November 17th-Physical Education Day

Tuesday, November 17th-Chapter 5 Religion Test/A study guide is included in the Red Friday folder.

Tuesday, November 17th-Subtraction Facts Pretest

Tuesday, November 17th-Fall Concert Presentation for Grades 3, 4, and 5/7:00PM Gym

Wednesday, November 18th-Hot Lunch Day

Wednesday, November 18th-Lesson 12 Spelling Pretest

Wednesday, November 18th- All School Liturgy/8:30AM /Church

                                             Students should wear their dress uniforms!

Thursday, November 19th-Hot Lunch Day

Thursday, November 19th-Chapter 3 Math Test/3-digit Subtraction with and without Regrouping

Friday, November 20th-Hot Lunch Day

Friday, November 20th-Physical Education Day

Friday, November 20th-Lesson 12 Final Spelling Test  


            Please check to see if your child is in need of any supplies such as pencils and erasers        

             Begin reviewing those subtraction facts!


Friday, November 13th-Miss Costello

Friday, November 20th-Miss Costello

Don’t forget to support the Holy Spirit School Thanksgiving Food Drive!  It runs through November 24th!



The food pantry is requesting the following items:


          Spaghetti Sauce



          Macaroni & Cheese

          Canned Fruit

          Tuna Fish

          Canned Vegetables

          Canned beans (kidney, baked, black, etc.

          Boxed Mashed Potatoes

          Chef Boyardee Items


          Additional Items:


          Cake Mixes



          Pudding Cups or Boxed Pudding

          Brownie Mixes



          Gravy Mixes


Spelling List

Grade 2

Lesson 12

Basic Words

                     cove                            grip

           dead                           tank


           sung                             hall


           hate                             flap


           salt                                ink


Enrichment Words

bike         bolt         cave


Champion Enrichment Words

biking      living       liking       singing        


Challenge Words

nutrient        snacks



Monday, November 16, 2015

1. Math-Chapter 3 Worksheet

2. Math-Students will take their Subtraction Fact Pretest on Tuesday.

3. Spelling-Study for Lesson 12 Pretest on Wednesday

4. AR Reading-Please sign off on the reading chart each night.

5. Religion-Study for the Chapter 5 Religion Test on Tuesday


*Physical Education Days are Tuesday and Friday for Grade 2.  




Tuesday, November 17, 2015

1. Math-Chapter 3 Worksheet/Chapter 3 Test on Thursday

2. Spelling-Study for Lesson 12 Pretest on Wednesday

3. AR Reading-Please sign off on the reading chart each night.


*Wednesday is an All School Liturgy!  Students should wear their dress uniforms to church!




Wednesday, November 18, 2015

1. Math-Chapter 3 Worksheet/Chapter 3 Test on Thursday

2. Math-Study for the -0/-1 timed test on Thursday.

3. AR Reading-Please sign off on the reading chart each night.




Thursday, November 19, 2015

1. Math-Chapter 4 Worksheet-Using a picture to solve a problem.

2. Spelling-Study for Lesson 12 Final Test on Friday, if the student needs to retake it.

3. AR Reading-Please sign off on the reading chart each night.


*Physical Education Days are Tuesday and Friday for Grade 2.