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SECOND GRADE NEWSLETTER                                 WEEK #2                              September 4, 2015


Dear Parents and Guardians,

            The second graders and I are hoping for cooler weather next week as we head toward the end of the summer.

In Reading this week, the second graders listened to several good books which included:  Thank You, Mr. Falker by Patricia Palocco, Back-to-School Rules by Laurie Friedman, Open Wide: Tooth School Inside by Laurie Keller and Wild About Books by Judy Sierra and Marc Brown.  Students also completed their Star Reading and Star Early Literacy diagnostic testing this week. I hope to begin reading in groups later next week. The AR (Accelerated Reader) reading program will begin next week as well.  Our point goal for each student this quarter is 6 points.  Next week, students will choose books within their new reading range and note their point value. This range will be based on your child’s Star Reading diagnostic test. The new range will reflect any growth gained or lost over the summer months.  AR quizzes may be taken by students on a daily basis using the computers in the classroom and during the class library periods.  However, at this time, second graders still need help with logging in on computer; so much of the AR testing will take place on days when computers are available in the computer room for several students to take tests at one time.  I’ve included a copy of the Parent Letter explaining your student’s current reading range with this week’s newsletter. Star Reading tests will be taken at the end of each quarter to adjust the range as students develop.

            In Religion, students began reading about how Jesus is the Son of God.  They also learned that Jesus’ name means God savesWe attended our first All School Liturgy on Wednesday of this week.  Overall, students behaved very well.  Our next All School Liturgy will take place on Wednesday of next week at 8:30AM in the church.  Please join us each week if you are able to attend! 

            In Science this week, students began their first unit which will cover the topics of air and weather.

            A discussion about proper grooming habits, including those related to good dental health, took place in Health this week as the class began reading from Chapter 5 in our small Health booklets.  

            Our first Social Studies unit began with a discussion of groups working together in a community. We discussed the elements that make up a community such as: people, homes, schools, stores, police force, etc., and what is needed for a community to be successful such as sharing, following of laws and rules, and taking turns.

            In Math, students continued with their learning in Chapter 1 of the concepts of counting and place value with a review of ones, tens, and hundreds.  I’ve included a parent letter explaining the concepts discussed in Chapter 1. Students will continue their weekly addition timed tests on Tuesday and Thursday of next week.  Tuesday’s test will cover (+2).  Students who do not earn a score of 90/100 or higher on Tuesday will retake the test on Thursday.  I’ve included your student’s addition facts pretest in this week’s read Friday folder. Please sign and return the note attached to it to school by Tuesday of next week.  The +1/+0 timed test is also included in the red Friday folder to be signed and returned.

            Students completed their first unit in Spelling.  Pretests, taken on Wednesdays, will be checked and handed back on Thursday.  Final Tests, which are taken on Friday, will also be handed back the same day will be included in the weekly red Friday folder. Tests taken on Friday must be signed and returned in the red Friday folder by Tuesday of the following week.  Pretests and Final Tests are marked according to the number of assigned words, challenge words and two dictated sentences. This week, I attached a rubric to the pretest that was handed back on Wednesday.  It should help to explain how this assessment is marked.  Please read it carefully and let me know if you have any questions regarding it.

            If there are any changes as to how your student is to go home each day, please send me a note so that I am informed.  I will forward the note to the school office. 

            I’ve included a Highlights for Children Magazine order form with this newsletter.  Please mark “yes” or “no” and sign and return the slip by Friday of next week.  Our class can earn free prizes with the most returned slips. 

Students will have their school pictures taken on Wednesday, October 7th.  The date was changed this week from its original date of September 21st.  Students must wear their dress uniforms on this day.

            Enjoy the long weekend ahead!                                                                                                                                                                                Sincerely,  

                                                                                Miss Costello


UPCOMING EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES:                                           

Friday, September 4th-Candy Sale Begins

Monday, September 7th-LABOR DAY/NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, September 8th-Hot Lunch Day

Tuesday, September 8th-Physical Education Day

Tuesday, September 8th-Addition Facts Timed Test (+2)

Wednesday, September 9th-Hot Lunch Day

Wednesday, September 9th- All School Liturgy/8:30AM/Church/Dress uniforms should be worn!

Wednesday, September 9th-Spelling Pretest-Lesson 2

Thursday, September 10th-Hot Lunch Day

Thursday, September 10th-Addition Facts Timed Retest (+2)

Friday, September 12th-Hot Lunch Day

Friday, September 12th-Final Lesson 2 Spelling Test

Friday, September 12th-Physical Education Day

Friday, September 12th-Highlights for Children Magazine Order forms are due back today!


Future Dates…..

Wednesday, October 7th-Picture Day/Student should wear their dress uniforms! (This date was originally Sept. 21st, but had to be changed!)

Wednesday, October 14th-First Communion Parent Meeting for Grade 2 at 7:00PM/Holy Spirit Parish Hall

Sunday, March 6th-First Penance and Reconciliation for Grade 2 at 4:00PM/Holy Spirit Church

Thursday, April 7th-Practice for First Holy Communion/7:00PM/Holy Spirit Church

Saturday, April 9th-First Holy Communion at 5:30PM/ Holy Spirit Church




                Please remember to turn is any forms that need to be handed in to myself or to the school office. 

                Our annual Candy Sale began today.  Candy bars and other candy items cost $1.00 each.

Spelling List

Grade 2

Lesson 2

Basic Words

            send                                       went

           bell                                        spell


           well                                       next


           help                                      tell


           fell                                         end


Enrichment Words

elephant      lemon     sketch


Champion Enrichment Words

melon     celery           lettuce         vegetable


Challenge Words

tens                    ones